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Attitudes towards high school.

— feeling ninja

    One discussion about high school is about the tastes of food in high school.  Steven conveys that it is very bad. He said that he preferred to eat instant noodles rather than the food provided by school. However, William thinks that the food provided by school is good. He enjoys every meals in school. Converning this argument, although, the food in high school tastes not good, it's clean and safe compared with the food in some restaurant.

    Another discussion is about the time of getting up. Alvin asserts that he can accept that getting up at 6:30, it is easy for him to consist. He thinks getting up ealier can help him promote the efficiency of study. On the other hand, Mike suggests that he can not get up at that, it is too early for him. He thinks that getting up at 6:30 will make him tired the whole day. However it is healthier for people to get up earlier.