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Thesis statement and sources

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  1.     Michael Jordan IS the greatest basketball player of all time.
  2. Five Most Valuable Player awards. Six NBA Championships. Six Finals MVP awards. 14-time All Star. 10 Scoring Titles. Career averages of 30.1 PPG, 6.2 RPG, and 5.3 APG. Just based on these statistics and accomplishments, most people would be convinced that if Michael Jordan wasn't the greatest basketball player of all time, at least he'd be a close second. But it's not just numbers that make Jordan so special. Number 23 has been immortalized in sports circles everywhere because of his incredible love and passion for the game of basketball.
  3. Ten Reasons Michael Jordan Is Not the Greatest NBA Player of All Time.
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    3. Michael Jorden: A Player Who Changed the Culture of an Entire City

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  5.  Michael Jorden‘s the most important 100 moment in his career